Family Friends & cocktails

My name is Jennifer Nichols, I am the Owner and Operator of the Whiskey & Wine Wandering Tavern and I look forward to being apart of your special event.

I have a large family and we grew up celebrating every life event together.... birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and weekend BBQ's all the time for any reason at anytime so we could gather together. I hope to bring this concept of togetherness to Kansas City one event at a time.

It will be my honor to share in your celebration and make precious memories for generations to come.

Contact me at 816.301.5606 or jennifer@wanderingtavern.com

Kansas City is our home, We live & Work in our communities and most of all we love the people of this great town.

The Wandering Tavern Commitment....

We are committed to promoting local breweries, distilleries and local retail businesses.

We are committed to giving back to the youth in our community by donating 15% of sales to charity organizations assisting children and families in need.

Last but certainly not least, we will utilize biodegradable products, energy efficient appliances, LED lighting and participate in a recycling program in an effort to promote a sustainable workplace environment.