Annie's House Outreach

This Outreach Ministry is a tribute to the greatest Woman I have ever known my Grandmother Anna Marie Jennings

The Annie's House Outreach program is a Ministry of Love and Support to the families and children of Kansas City. Annie's House holds a very special place in my heart as it constantly reminds me of the teachings my grandmother instilled in us as children to love and take care of each other the way She and God Loves us. This Ministry engages those same values through various outreach programs like.. "Be a Blessing Ministry" -once a month they go out to feed and clothe the homeless, they hold seasonal events for the children and the neighborhood to foster fellowship within the community. They host a yearly Back to School backpack and school supply drive for the children in the neighborhood to help set them up for success on the first day of school and they would love to do more. I am honored that they have allowed me to be a sponsor for this outreach program and I pray that we do them and my Grandmother proud in the years to come.

As 1 of my 3 Pillars of commitments to Kansas City, The Wandering Tavern Pledges, 15% of all events gross sales to be donated to this program, all donations made will be given to this program to ensure its success and progression in services provided to families and children in need of additional support. God and Kansas City have been good to us, its my privilege to be able to give back.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page- if you are interested in donating please click below


Team Wandering tavern :)