Ambrosia is more than just a Mobile Bar Service, The Wandering Tavern is a full service, fully customized libation station. Unlike other mobile or brick and mortar bars, We have the ability to tailor our services, cocktails, and ambiance to compliment your special celebration.

Fall Is here and Ambrosia is ready.

We are a full Service bar including Hot Coffee and Cocoa.

We were invited to a Barber Parlor Grand Opening

My son and I our Tavern Reveal Event

We are totally mobile and believe in creating lifetime memories

The Wandering Tavern Team


Let us tailor your color to your needs

Wood Stained

Starting on the outside

We will be ready 08/15/19

time for appliances

Let there be light....

The first panel and counter installed

My Father hard at work

Electrical complete

Totally new and empty inside

The day we took Ambrosia home

my niece keeping us laughing